Ancestry Testing

Fancy yourself as a bit of a history buff? What about your own biological history, how far back have you explored?
The Biogeographical Ancestry Test will answer all of the questions you have about your biological heritage, tracing your roots back thousands of years, linking your DNA to locations around the world.

The Biogeographical Ancestry Test merges three fields; science, anthropology and of course, genealogy, to trace your DNA back thousands of years, to provide you with a snapshot of your unique genetic ancestry.


Advances in DNA sequencing technology have made it possible for anyone to discover their ancestral history. The test analyses your DNA, examining more than 160 DNA markers, and then comparing it to hundreds of studied populations from around the globe. From this, we can then map you own personal biogeographical origins.


This tests requires only a standard mouth swab, and provides accurate results that will reveal your ancestral composition from 7 continental root populations. It will tell you if you have roots in one population, or a combination of many populations.

You will receive a percentage breakdown of regions that you may be ancestrally linked to, and the likelihood of you belonging to a particular population, ranked from most likely to lesser likely regions.


Your results will be available within 10 -12 days of receipt of your DNA sample.



Total DNA Services will analyse your DNA against a number of databases, including Global Populations and Anthropological Regions. These are both validated by the scientific community. Your DNA profile is linked, and results are presented on a population match map, which clearly shows the migration patterns of your direct ancestors, ranking them from strongest to weakest.

” Your customized map will be sent to you digitally for you to have it printed and framed.”


World Class Databases

Our laboratories have some of the most advanced DNA typing capabilities in the world. The information used in your report comes from a number of highly regarded academic journals, including the Journal of Forensic Sciences. We also compare your DNA to information in the Focused GeoGenetic Database (FoGG DB), which provides geographical and anthropological information about ancestral family groups.


Understanding your results

Once you receive the results of your Ancestral Origins Test we can provide a professional consultation to explain your map and report, and discuss any questions you may have.