Clinical Tests

$580 AUD

Inherited Disease DNA Test

Inherited diseases, also known as genetic disorders, are caused by one or more abnormalities in the human genome, and occur when an altered gene is passed from a parent to a child.

Not available

Pharmacogenomics PGx

Pharmacogenomics is the amalgamation of Pharmacology (the science of drugs) and Genomics (the study of genes).

$930 AUD

Newborn Genetic Test with NOVA™

Postnatal Peace is proud to be able to offer Nova™. Nova™ is a newborn screening test that determines a baby’s risk for 50 inherited disorders, as well as providing personalized genetic information on the metabolism of 20 drugs. Nova™ utilizes Next-Generation sequencing technology, coupled with the leading genetics bioinformatics software. Postnatal peace is able to offer the most comprehensive and accurate newborn screening test that is over 99.99% accurate.