Collecting Your Samples

Common Data around DNA Sampling.

It is critical that you carefully return the DNA samples, using the reply paid envelope you’ll discover the DNA testing unitIn case you would like to have your DNA tests taken professionally TotalDNA will be able to organize for this to be done either at your home or a neighborhood specialists surgery at an additional cost. The home collection of DNA tests utilized for relationship and parentage testing includes using a swab (like a larger than average cotton bud) that should be turned within the interior of the cheek to gather the cells that inhabitant there. This swab is at point set, (carefully to not cause defilementinside the given DNA test collection envelope which is safely fixed and returned to us for examination at our research facilities.

DNA Sample Collection Guide Using Our Home DNA Test Kit

In the event that you need to see the gathering procedure utilizing our DNA test unit, you ought to adhere to these visual guidelines fully. The procedure should be rehashed for each individual taking an interest in the test. These directions will likewise be incorporated inside your unit.

Step-By-Step Instructions

Our DNA test kit contains oral swabs (also called “buccal swabs”). To figure out how to gather your sample; read the more itemized well-ordered guidelines underneath.

DNA Test

Step 1

The DNA test pack contains various distinctively labeled envelopes. The units are generally pre-filled and will incorporate four swabs for every individual for up to three individuals. Within every envelope, you will discover four swabs. We advise to not eat or drink for at least thirty minutes before you take the oral examples.

Step 2

Complete & compile the forms; also the subtleties on the envelope/s ensuring everything is filled in plain and easy to read writing. It would be ideal if you print in large capitals. This structure will allow us to examine and link your examples to the correct case. On the off chance that you send in documents that are not appropriately filled in, your testing may be put on hold and you will be approached to send us new ones.

Step 3

Take the swabs out from the envelope. The swabs will be wrapped exclusively in plastic wrappers which might be disposed of. While expelling swabs, make an effort not to contact the cotton finished part with your fingers as this could sully the DNA test. Presently you can continue to gather the DNA tests by solidly scouring the swabs within each cheek (multiple times each or for around one minute). Be sure to move the swab over the whole internal cheek surface. This activity ought to be firm however not forceful and ought not to be awkward. Rehash this procedure for a similar individual with the subsequent swab.

Step 4

The following stage is straightforward: enable the swabs to air dry. This is best done inside. One hour is all that anyone could need. During the time spent drying your swabs, please recall you need to keep them as spotless as could reasonably be expected to ensure the swabs don’t get stirred or contanimated; please also ensure individual swabs don’t contact one another (we propose setting swabs from various test members in a different glass for drying). Additionally, ensure that no soil comes into contact with the swabs. Following 60 minutes, the swabs will be dry. there isn’t a need to check on the off chance that they are as yet sodden by contacting them.

DNA Test

Step 5

After the one hour drying time, you can put the swabs back inside the envelopes. It is essential to do this placing the correct person’s swabs in the envelope with their name written on.  Send all sample envelopes back using our pre-addressed envelope.


  • Drying your swabs is basic however you have to ensure you keep them clean and that swabs from various individuals absolutely never come into contact with one another (recollection fees may occur if there is the likelihood of DNA sullying occurring). We like to suggest that customers utilize clean water glasses to dry their swabs; one water glass for the swabs of each tested member, putting them cotton side up.

I Need A Collection kit!

You will get your unit soon after you have put in your request; regularly inside 2-4 working days. Should you need more than one pack or dispatch of tests to various areas, get in touch with us beforehand to have your test and unit/s conveyance organized.

We are here to help you with all your DNA testing needs. Contact us directly. For data about our paternity testing administrations or other general data we propose you visit the FAQ page.



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