For clients who are in a hurry, or for those who live in a remote area that is not readily accessible by postal workers, a Do It Yourself (DIY) test kit is an easy alternative. The DIY DNA Kit saves you time, money, and the results are equally as accurate as our in-house kits.

Below are the materials required to make your own DIY DNA sample kit, as well as step by step instructions on how to correctly provide a sample.

Important: A written consent form is required in order for us to test your samples. Please print, complete and include the Sample Submission Form when you send in your samples.

Making a DIY DNA Kit

You will need:

4 sterile cotton tipped swabs – 4 per participant. These can be purchased from a chemist. For double ended swabs, cut off one tip before commencing the sample collection. Avoid touching the cotton end with your fingers.

Paper envelopes – one envelope per participant, to avoid cross contamination.



Step 1
Prepare and envelope for each participant, clearly labelling the front with the following:

·         Case Reference Code (this is provided at the time of order)

·         Full name

·         Date of Birth

·         Relationship (alleged father, child, etc.)

Step 2
Using your swabs, rub the cotton tip on the inside of your cheek, against the gums and behind the lips. This must be done for 10 seconds, for each participant, using all 4 swabs for each person.

Step 3
Dry the swabs for a minimum of 1 hour. Place them in a clean, dry spot, and ensure that the cotton tips are not touching any other surface, or another cotton tip. Place the fully dry swabs into the pre-prepared envelopes.

Step 4
Put all sealed smaller envelopes into a larger envelope. Ensure that you include your signed submission form in this envelope.

Step 5
It is highly advisable that you use a courier service, or register mail, to ensure the safety of your samples.

Send your samples to: (fill in address here)