DNA testing when people live in different locations

When you start the process of ordering a DNA test, it may become apparent that not all parties who need to be tested live in the same location. Participants may live in different parts of the country, or even in a different country.
From this, we are flexible in sending DNA test kits to any location that is provided to us. We are fortunate to be a global company, with offices worldwide, and can send test kits from our nearest office, ensuring a timely delivery. All kits come with full instructions, and can be tailored to a variety of foreign languages, for ease of use.

Depending on the location of the recipient, an appropriate courier and administration fee will be added to the cost of the DNA test kit.

For clients who are in a hurry, or if you live in a remote area that is not readily accessible by postal workers, a Do It Yourself (DIY) test kit is an easy alternative. The DIY DNA Kit (link to the page) saves you time, money, and the results are equally as accurate as our in-house kits.