Sometimes, you want to do a bit more research, to build on your knowledge. We have listed some online resources that we think may be beneficial.

Please note that these websites are listed purely for your information, and we have no affiliation with them. We are also not responsible for any of the content on these websites, as we do not manage or maintain them.


Services Australia
Click on Families or Separated Parents to find out information about your rights and entitlements, and for requirements regarding court proceedings.

Department of Home Affairs
Click on the Immigration and Citizenship link to find out more about entry to the country, visas and legislative requirements.

Family Relationships Online
Many government fund organisations are available to provide legal assistance to members of the community.

Family Relationship Advice Line
Call 1800 050 321 for assistance with relationship and separation issues.

Jigsaw provides search, mediation and counselling services to adopted persons and their families.

National Association of Testing Authorities, Australia (NATA)
NATA provides assessment, accreditation and training services to laboratories and technical facilities.

Accredited Testing Laboratories and Nominated Reporters –
A current list of laboratories and reporters.