Our Guarantee to You – Accredited Testing

We all like to deal with reliable, trustworthy and reputable businesses in our daily life. When choosing the right DNA company for your needs, you look for one that comes highly recommended, has positive reviews, and provides accurate results in accordance with the highest industry standards.

All of our DNA samples are analysed in accredited scientific laboratories, ensuring that you receive results that are highly accurate.

Accreditation + Accuracy = Quality Results

All of our laboratories are accredited, which means that they have been assessed to the highest level against standard procedure industry guidelines. A third party assessor is brought in to put the laboratory and our scientists through a range of competencies, inspections and technical testing. A laboratory only receives accreditation after meeting all of the requirements sought by the assessor.

Here at TotalDNA, we pride ourselves in adhering to industry set standards, giving you the best results from your DNA samples. We manage thousands of individual samples each year, and can guarantee that every samples we received is tested with the highest level of accuracy by our trained scientists.