Our Guarantees: Accuracy and Probability

We are proud of our reputation for providing our clients with peace of mind regarding the results of their DNA test. Our paternity tests are guaranteed for inclusions (if you are the biological father of a child) at a rate of 99.999% accuracy, and 100% accuracy for exclusions (proving that you are not the biological father of a child). In addition, we also offer a guarantee on the probability of paternity.

Our paternity tests are performed in accredited laboratories, under strictly controlled conditions, resulting in the most accurate DNA results.

Genetic Marker Testing

A genetic marker is a gene, or a DNA sequence located on a chromosome. These markers can be used to identify an individual. Testing these genetic markers can help to link people who share a biological relationship. To achieve the most accurate results in a paternity test, we test against 21 plus genetic markers from your DNA sample.
If the DNA of the potential biological father is a true match, then all tested genetic markers will match that of the child. This is known as ‘no exclusions’, and we guarantee that in such cases the probability of paternity will more than 99.999%.

Non-matching Genetic Markers

Occasionally, as a result of a mutation in the potential father’s DNA, one or two genetic markers do not match that of the child, but the test reveals a true biological relationship.
The Probability of Paternity with only one non-matched genetic marker will still be more than 99.9%, however we cannot guarantee this.
The Probability of Paternity with two non-matched genetic markers may require further testing to be performed.
Cases where there are three or more non-matched genetic markers will result in the exclusion of the tested party being the biological father.