Relationship Tests

$630 AUD

Grandparent DNA Test

The Grandparent DNA Test is recommended when one or more grandparents require verification that a child has a biological link to them. Like some of the other tests offered by Total DNA Services, this test provides a statistical probability of a genetic relationship.

$570 AUD

Aunt and Uncle DNA Test

The Aunt and Uncle Test, also known as an Avuncular test, provides conclusive results as to the genetic relationship between an uncle or aunt and their nephew or niece. In the absence of DNA from an alleged father of a child, testing can be undertaken on that male’s brother or sister to confirm paternity. If the results indicate that the child is not biologically related to his or her uncle or aunt, then that child will also not be biologically related to the alleged father.

$570 AUD

Y Chromosome DNA Test

The Y Chromosome is passed from fathers to their sons, and generally does not mutate much as generations pass. If a direct biological line can be established, then all males in that line will have identical Y chromosome data. The Y Chromosome DNA Test (Y-STR) is used in the absence of an alleged father’s ability to provide a DNA sample.

$585 AUD

Genetic Reconstruction Test

For clients wanting to determine if a child is biologically related to direct relatives on the father’s side, in situations where the father cannot participate in testing

$180 AUD

Twins DNA Test

Are your twins identical or fraternal? Total DNA Services can help you answer this question, providing 100% accurate results about your precious twins. All DNA testing is performed via our Accredited DNA testing laboratory utilizing the latest genetic identification system.

$275 AUD

Maternity DNA Test

Like its paternity equivalent, the Maternity DNA Test determines whether or not a child and alleged mother share a biological relationship.

$570 AUD

Siblings DNA Test

We are all familiar with sibling rivalry, and in the heat of an argument, we might have even yelled, “You’re not related to me!” But what if there were some truth to this? Some siblings share one biological parent, some siblings share both biological parents and sometimes they don’t share either of their biological parents.