The Right Fit for You – Choosing a DNA Testing Company

You wouldn’t let an unqualified doctor operate on you, and you wouldn’t let an untrained person fix the engine on your car, would you? We all want expert service for many things in our lives, and choosing a DNA testing company is no different.

Here at Total DNA, we pride ourselves in being experienced, qualified and professional, three things we all look for when choosing a company for our DNA testing needs.

So what are the things we think you should look for, and insist upon, when choosing a DNA testing company? Look no further, we have everything you need.



Our laboratories are internationally accredited, meaning they have been verified as technically competent, and able to provide reliable and accurate test results. Our testing equipment has also been through rigorous checks to ensure they meet required standard. Additionally, our staff have been assessed against their ability to handle samples and record results, as well as their ability to identify and solve problems that may occur.



We provide affordable testing services, while still maintaining the highest quality. We do this because we have a large processing capacity, and a large, skilled team of scientists.



The results you receive from us are highly accurate, because we have taken the time to ensure that the testing procedures are as stringent as possible. We go further than ‘conclusive results’, and will only consider a paternity test, for example, to be conclusive if there is a 100% exclusion of the potential father.


Your DNA Testing Kit

We ship within 24 hours from the time of ordering, and you will generally receive your home DNA testing kit within 2 working days. We respect your privacy, and the sensitive nature of many cases, and therefore package your testing kit in plain, unlabelled packaging. Each DNA testing kit includes full instructions, sterile swabs, and a return envelope for the safe return of your DNA samples.